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Adjustment of welding gun PHM 5 and PHM 12



Adjustment of foot base plate so the regular distance between ceramic ferrule and stud (insulation pin) is in centre.

Otherwise the stud is hindered when dipping into the melting steel.

-         Slightly loosen screws connecting foot base plate and pillars

-         Shift foot base plate until there is a regular distance

          between ceramic ferrule and stud (pin).

-         Tighten screws and stud (pin)

-         Also check the stud protrusion. If necessary adjust again.


   Adjust your leg assembly so your stud protrusion (or insulations pin) will stand about 5 mm out your ceramic ferrule  X=  4-5 mm.


  Try to lift by hand to max, and check that the stud ( or insulation pin) will be lower than the edge of the ceramic ferrules  X1 = 1 - 2 mm
   Now try in welding position to lift again by hand, here you should lift the insulations pin 1 to 2 mm. See pic. Below