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  • compact stud welding gun for drawn arc stud welding according to DIN EN ISO 14555
  • welding range: ø 2-12 mm
  • welding materials: steel (unalloyed and alloyed), weldable special alloys
  • electronically controlled lift (setlift 1- 4 mm)
  • highest operational reliability
  • simple handling
  • excellent welding quality
  • extremely quick welding sequences by reinforced solenoid
  • light and handy
  • all stud types weldable (special chuck might be required)
  • short retooling time (quickly changeable chucks)
  • can be equipped for stud welding with ceramic ferrule (tripod ferrule) and inert gas (tripod gas)
optional: precision linear ball track of gun piston (PHM-105)
 Technical Data
Welding range
Ø 2-12 mm
Welding material
steel (unalloyed and alloyed), weldable special alloys
Stud length
10-500 mm
Welding method
drawn arc (ceramic ferrule and inert gas)

- highest stud positioning accuracy through precise slide-bearing

  guide of gun piston
- ergonomic design
- robust housing made from impact resistant, full-insulating plastics
- 50 mm² welding cable plugs in order to prevent burnt contacts
- precision guidance protected from welding spatters
- low weight, compact construction (can be operated in hard

  accessible places)
- CE conformity

Welding cable
5 m highly flexible, 35 mm²
Dimensions (WxHxL)
55x130x173 mm
0,95 kg